Pre and Post Natal Care

Patients have 24-hour access to Dr. Ghozland if a serious concern arises throughout a woman’s pregnancy. The office works closely with maternal fetal medicine to help give patients an all-encompassing approach to their pregnancy. Patients will have access to state-of-the-art technology and the best experts in material fetal medicine.

Natural Birth

Additionally, Dr. Ghozland’s private practice is known as being one of very few offices that is a proponent of natural birthing in addition to conventional methods. He has a longstanding history of successful natural birthing and HypnoBirthing with the aid of midwives.

Thanks to his extensive experience in this field, Dr. Ghozland is on the board of Los Angeles’ Association for Wholistic Maternal and Newborn Health, a DBA of Wholistic Midwifery School of Southern California. The association promotes awareness, access and availability of mother/baby-friendly maternity care.

Of course, at all times during a natural birthing process, Dr. Ghozland’s priorities remain on the health and safety of the mother and child. If at any time he believes that hospitalization is necessary for the baby’s health, he will immediately advise it. Natural birthing is a wonderful option for many mothers. Dr. Ghozland can assess if it will be a safe method for you.

Making sure you have the special day that you want is Dr. Ghozland’s main priority, as long as the health of the baby and mother permit it.

Dr. Ghozland also is the only Southern California physician offering new state-of-the-art natural C-sections, which help to increase the speed of mother/baby bonding.

To learn more about natural C-sections, natural birthing or HypnoBirthing, as well as traditional methods and practices, please call Dr. Ghozland’s office at (310) 393-9359.

Obstetrics Testimonials

  • From the moment we met, Dr. Ghozland made us feel so comfortable and at ease. I couldn't have asked for a better first pregnancy. Dr. Ghozland has the best staff, all the nurses are so welcoming and sweet. I would recommend Dr. Ghozland to any friend or family member. My most memorable experience with him was my delivery date.
    Regan Tramontano
  • Dr. Ghozland and his staff are very professional and he is the only doctor that I'll trust with his opinion. I wouldn't go to anyone else. Dr. Ghozland always makes me feel that he cares, and you can tell he loves his job. Even when it was time for my c-section , I felt that I was in good hands!
    Eugenia Ovseevich
  • My experience with Dr. Ghozland and his staff has been amazing. He's been my doctor since 2006 and he's delivered both of my girls and the new one on the way I would not chance it with anyone else. My husband and I love Dr. G, this will be my last pregnancy but if I had to do it all over again I would choose him every time. I get VIP 5 star treatment every time I come.
    Mariela Castillo
  • Dr. Ghozland delivered my second daughter. He was always understanding and kind. The delivery was amazing!
  • Dr. Ghozland is generous, sweet and really took care of me and I will never forget that. Thank you so much for taking care of me and my precious baby. The team rocks and I couldn't ask for any better services.
  • I'm currently 38 weeks pegnant with my second child and this will be the second delivery with Dr.Ghozland. I really couldn't be more pleased with the level of care and professionalism I get at each appointment. All of the staff knows me when I walk in and I love that I never feel rushed. I also don't wait around during my appointments. Dr.Ghozland comes in, asks a lot of questions, listens and I know he cares. (Him & his staff) During my last delivery he was my best coach and I look forward to being back.

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